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In many situations in your life, How You Speak Matters!  Why wait?  

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Why Learn To Speak?

  Do you… 

· Have a job interview? 

· Have a work/school presentation?

 · Want to better communicate and gain the respect of your children? 

· Have a date? 

· Want to share your faith?

 · Conduct fitness or educational classes?  

· Have a social engagement? 

· Give performance reviews? 

· Want to perform in a play or production? 

· Have to sell for a living and want to be better and more effective? 

· Have a legal proceeding? 

· Want more confidence? 

· Participate in conference calls? 

· Have a school event or debate? 

· Have a wedding toast to give? 

· Want to run for office? 

· Have a church mission trip coming up? 

· Want to improve faster at Toastmasters? 

· Have employees to deal with?   

As you can see from the list above, there are a multitude of reasons to learn to speak. Many people believe you only need to learn to speak if you are going to be giving some sort of presentation or speech. That’s not really true… Wouldn’t you like to speak well and with confidence at your next job interview? Social engagement? With your children? Sharing your faith? With your employees?

The confidence you get when you speak well, is something that will translate into all aspects of your life. Imagine going into any situation and you can… 

Smile       Speak       Succeed  

Speech coaching vs Learning how to speak

What is the difference between speech coaching and learning to speak?

The answer is simple: speech coaching is geared to giving a presentation in front of other people. Learning to speak is something most people do every single day in a multitude of situations some of which are listed above.

Speech coaching may involve: learning to use PowerPoint, flip charts, other visual aids, physically filling a stage with your presence, creating and organizing material…. The end result of speech coaching is usually a presentation. However, even if the material and presentation are perfectly prepared, how well will it come across if you can’t SPEAK well?

Learning to speak is something you will use every day. How You Speak Matters! Therefore, speaking coaching starts with what comes out of your mouth. The fluidity with which you speak, your volume, projection, tone, elimination of “ums’” “ahs”, “sos” and “you knows”. From there, coaching can expand to: eye contact, posture, body language, facial punctuators/expressions and more.

A byproduct of learning to speak in any situation is CONFIDENCE. Building on that speaking confidence I can then coach you to: appear credible in front of any audience, be persuasive, connect emotionally and intellectually, own the room, maintain the interest of and influence your listeners, think on your feet under pressure and present a powerful executive presence.

How You Speak Matters! If you want to be confident, calm and effective in any situation contact me now for a FREE consultation. 

                                  Smile           Speak           Succeed 

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In many situations in your life, How You Speak Matters! Why wait? Smile Speak Succeed…Now!

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